You flow right through me like a medicine;
bringing quiet to my soul.


Survey #143 : Long Bold What's True


Your shirt is either blue or white.
You would rather lie and not get caught than tell the truth and get caught.
You hate when people show off.
You’ve dated an Alex.
You woke up before 10 AM this morning.
The color blue looks better on you than yellow.
It’s rained today.
Your school’s name begins with a N.
When you were little you would play in a sandbox.
You know a Maria.
You don’t have a barn at your house.
You’ve never had to wear a gas mask.
You know at least 2 people named Kevin.
You hate chocolate.
You don’t understand how money works in another country besides your own.
You’ve never been dumped in a text message.
You are one of those people who are afraid of clowns.
It’s past 2:46 PM.
You don’t ever wear skirts.
You’ve eaten a sucker within the past week.
You’ve kissed someone whose name began with a V, B or R.
You hate when people say “I’m a unicorn!”
You’ve seen a koala before. 
You like the name Jonathan.
Your favorite color of balloon is orange.
The color of your TV remote is mostly white.
You spend most of your time in your bedroom.
When you get a new song on your iPod you listen to it over and over again.
You’ve never been to the beach.
You have over 345 songs on your music device.
You’ve written your name in the sand multiple times.
You laughed hard today.
You wore shorts today.
The color of shoes you wore yesterday were white.
You started dating someone on the 3rd of some month.
You’ve been in a private jet.
You’ve carved your name in a tree.
You can’t play the guitar.
You currently hear a Katy Perry song playing.
Whenever you order ice cream, you always get the same kind.
You grew up in a small town.
You haven’t cried in a long time.
Your favorite song is in the top played songs on your music device.
The color of your dream car is red.
The person you like was born in Jan, July, Aug or Dec.
You want to take a nap.
Your smile is your favorite thing about yourself.
You’ve been to a Coldplay concert.
You spell ketchup like catsup.
You’ve had the same phone for about a year now.
You’re listening to your favorite song right now.
Your hair is longer than your shoulders.
You could never be a doctor, fire fighter or cop.
You miss someone right now.
You like silver jewelry more than gold.
Your favorite hoodie is red.
Your last name begins with a P, F or G.
You’ve been to one of these: Houston, TX, Cleveland, OH or New York City.
You don’t have a swimsuit yet for the summer.
You have more than $60 in your wallet.
You have about 1 or 2 pops/sodas a day.
You’ve been to the Cheesecake Factory.
You don’t know what you’re having for dinner.
You’re currently eating candy.
You like curly hair on yourself better.
You’re terrified of thunderstorms.
You like cottage cheese.
You blame Disney for high expectations for relationships.
You hate mayonnaise.
You listen to music when you’re mad.
You don’t own a pair of yellow socks.
You like the red Powerade.
You hate Trix cereal or yogurt.
You didn’t wake up last night in the middle of the night.
You’ve had a pet fish that was blue. 
Your wearing a long sleeved shirt right now.
You like Jason Derulo.
You’ve danced on top of a table before.
You’re a fast runner.
You wish you could redecorate your bedroom.
You’ve learned a lot from your past relationships.
Your best friend’s name is Elise.
You can’t stand it when people don’t use smiley faces in texts.
The roof of your house is black.
The homepage on your computer is something other than Facebook.
You were born in Feb, Mar, Apr, Aug or Nov.

Survey #97 : Bold What's True


I love bolding surveys.
A Walk to Remember is my favorite movie of all time.
I wear black more than any other color, but I am not gothic.
I genuinely care for my friends.
I don’t trust people easily.
I am female.
I do not wear glasses.
I have never seen the movie “Phantom of the Opera”.
I did not attend preschool as a child.
I have an older brother.
I am too organized.
My shoulders are always hot, but my feet are always cold.
This is not the first survey I have ever taken.
I am interested in taking psychology classes.
I refuse to use any other brand of tissue, besides Kleenex.
Easter used to be my favorite holiday.
I have an Ipod.
My lips are chapped at this moment.
I was afraid of the monster under my bed as a child.
I have a boyfriend.
My birthday is in February.
I don’t have a job.
I have never left this country.
I have cried within the last 24 hours.
My fingertips are freezing cold.
I have already eaten dinner.
Normally I don’t eat breakfast.
I really don’t like country music.
I have a cat.
I have thrown up from crying too much before.
I love Sushi.
I crack my knuckles often.
I’m not in any sports.
I play the acoustic guitar, and I love it.
I have only been to 2 concerts before in my life.
I used to want to be a vegetarian.
I get along better with guys.
I used to like Pokemon.
I am mostly French heritage.
Lip rings are arousing. 
I had a pet turtle one summer.
I get excited about getting new underwear.
I need a boost in my self-esteem.
I love receiving mail and e-mail.
I’ve had a penpal before.
I can’t sleep on my back. I just can’t.
I hate public bathrooms.
I listen to my parents; it’s just that sometimes I really don’t care.
Once in my life, I named a pigeon.
I laugh when I watch old home videos.
I used to be obsessed with the Spice Girls.
I once started a fire in my microwave.
I really like the name Mathias.
I keep a diary online and a diary on paper.
I love reading.
The OC is my favorite TV show ever.
I’m glad this survey is almost over.
I am in the mood to take a shower.
I feel like crying when I look at old pictures.
I have a very busy day tomorrow.
I am in the mood to kiss somebody. Anybody.
I might be in love with my best friend.
I have watched all three High School Musical movies.
I don’t think Zac Efron is all that hot, honestly.
I don’t even like one single song from any of the three movies.
I’ve been involved in a school musical before.
I can’t sing to save my life.
I am/have dating/dated a basketball player.
I know a guy who is almost never seen without a hat/cap/fedora/etc.
I hate movie musicals.
I hate Disney movies.
I know someone who drives a pink car.
I made a new friend today.
I want to study theatre in college.
Brown hair + blue eyes = hotness.
I’ve written a song before, and I think it was pretty good!
I play an instrument pretty well.
I’m in a band.
I pretty much live in my earphones/headphones.
My ringtone is a song from my favourite artist/band.
I’d rather watch a horror movie than a romantic comedy.
Animated films still amuse me.
I’ve noticed that nobody makes cartoons the old-fashioned way anymore, it’s all CGI.
I would love to play in an orchestra.
Better still, be the conductor!
I wonder if the orchestra players really pay attention to the conductor.
I’ve been extremely annoyed at someone in the past 24 hours.
I don’t get irritated easily.
I wear a ring on my pinky finger.
I’d prefer to sing the second voice (harmony) in a choir.
Pfft, who wants to sing in a choir when you can go solo.
There’s at least one teddy bear in the room that I’m in now.
I have something from Build-a-Bear.
And it’s not even a bear.
I just yawned.
I wouldn’t even know it if I were standing right next to a Jonas Brother.
The last person I texted is blood-related to me in some way.
I’m registered to an official fanclub.
I hate it when Youtube videos take forever to buffer.
I hate it even more when the title says one thing but the video is another thing altogether!
I want Brad and Angelina to adopt me too! 
I have my own personal blog.
I could never be a model because I love to eat.
I know how to play the bass guitar.
I listen to Christian music.
I’d love to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese.
I’m listening to my favourite song right now!
I’m going to bed within the next 3 hours.
I’ve made a bolding survey before.
I think it’s easier than making a random survey.
I made my Xanga layout myself 
I can’t stand girls who claim that they will marry their celebrity heartthrob. 
I laughed at Rihanna’s “Umbrella” the first time I heard it.
I must have everything in my favourite color!
I am single.
I’ve bought a guy a birthday present before.